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Eutopiarch x FP

Interiors that taste good.

A project to reflect the personality of the owner: young, fresh, colorful.

A retro pastel palette to set the atmosphere of each room, where surfaces and materials play with every sense.

A 60 sqm apartment designed to be visual treat, where every space appeals like a mouth-watering dessert from a 50s american diner menu.

The whipped cream white day-time area is now a completely open space, where a wooden carpet - showing the footprint of the former living room - contrasts with the glossy grey micro-cement flowing all over the house while identifying the dining zone.

A low blueish kitchen, a dark green radiator, rusty light fixtures are the colorful elements spread all over, almost like sprinkels on a sundae.

Pistachio green for the bed room, perfect to relax in.

Banana yellow is the hue for the bathroom; here small tiles are meticulously and seamlessly laid all over the space: each surface, from the floor to the walls, to the ceiling, to the built-in elements, is treated in the exact same way creating a very surprising room, overwhelming like a sugar-rush.

Classic design lighting elements are spread all over the house: Teti sconces for the bath, Stilnovo magnetic appliques for the bedroom, a chrome Parentesi in the living room.

Many thanks to:



Pallone sas

Lorenzo Piovella Photography

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