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UTOPIA, from greek οὐ (not) τόπος (place), non existing place, nowhere
EUTOPIA, from greek εὖ (good) τόπος (place), good place


is meant to be a conceptual process, a metaphysical project,

an empiric journey starting from an abstract idea (utopia) ending

in a physical place (eutopia).

Under the creative direction of Arch. Eugenio Laponte, EUTOPIARCH is conceived as an investigation, 

a continuous pursuit of new physical forms, combining art and architecture, for the clients' needs.
The studio works on different typologies: residential, retail, fashion collaboration,

bespoke furniture design, collectible design,

event design, set-up;

yet it is always looking forward to widening its range of interventions.

Eugenio Laponte portrait

"If i am left with six months to study a project, five and a half will be devoted to its 'conception' and two weeks to drawing it.
This clearly indicates the levels of difficulty [of the two different phases]".

Jacques Hondelatte

Portrait by Antonella Serra

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