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Pragma x Eutopiarch n2

FENICOTTERI (italian for Flamingos) work as pedestals and product displays and their shape is meant to remind the harmonious and dreamy creatures they are named after.

Villa Invernizzi is famous for its gardens home of a stationary colony of pink flamingos. The beautiful and exotic birds attract the curiosity of by-passers who stop to peek behind the gates and plants enclosing the Villa.

This peculiar view is the inspiration for the FENICOTTERI set-ups.

FENICOTTERI are placed in an half artificial/half natural environment, where plastic waters flow among rocks and the birds have turned into metal beings. The observer peeks on them through real plants and leaves: an interpretation of a possible future view on the famous Villa Invernizzi gardens.


At Hotel Senato, FENICOTTERI were part of the installation designed for Andrea Mondin SS20 presentation during Milan fashion week, and later for a permanent set at Massimo Bonini Showroom.

FENICOTTERI is an auto-production, and each piece is hand made in Milan.

Dim: 90/75x45 cm

Super mirror stainless steel - Satin steel - Varnished steel
Satin Brass - Polished Brass

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