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Pragma x Eutopiarch n5

The three most important events for Christianity, marking the holy easter triduum, took place around a still mysterious place, named in the Gospels as GOLGOTHA. 


The riddling last moments of the life of Christ - last supper, crucifixion, resurrection - become the focus of Eutopiarch’s investigation: three events, three days, three mysteries, taking shape in a design all based on the devine number 3.


The strong conceptual value defines a peculiar outcome: a table, or rather an altar, with the coldness of a funeral bed. 


The metal of the Arma Christi nails and lance is chosen as the only material: a hand brushed steel slab is supported by three cross shaped legs, holding each other and functioning as a whole, being joined through cuts, like pieces of a puzzle.


The 3 crosses appear on the horizontal satin surface like liquid wounds, only reflective elements in the opaque object.

GOLGOTHA is an auto production, hand made in Milan.

Dimensions: 225x75x75 cm


Brushed stainless steel

Supermirror finish stainless steel

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    € 24.000,00Prezzo
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