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​Pragma x Eutopiarch n3

INNESTO - italian for grafting - is the technique, both botanical and surgical, whereby tissues or parts of two different organisms are joined so as to continue their growth as a whole, thus creating a new third element:

the offspring, just like a child, bears together the characteristics of the parental elements, while being at the same time a completely unique and different system.

Each Innesto is made of bi-dimensional metallic shards, designed to perfectly interlock, composing a new three-dimensional and functional object.

The collection includes: 

Innesti_3.1 - mirror: 

dim. 32x11cm assembled - mat: satin bronze + satin/supermirror steel;

Innesti_3.2 - candleholder:
dim. 7x30cm assembled - mat: satin bronze + satin steel;

Innesti_3.3 - ashtray:

dim. 7x9,5cm assembled - mat: satin bronze + satin steel;

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    € 680,00Price
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