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​Pragma x Eutopiarch n6

Inspired by the tarot card of the Hanged Man, symbol of discernment, enlightenment and prophecy; the XII of the Major Arcana represents the aspiration to a deeper knowledge and the openness to new perspectives by willingly hanging upside down and looking at the world from another point of view.


LAPPESO by Pragma x Eutopiarch is a new take on the traditional shaker hanger, investigating what a common and often overlooked object can become and how it can function; the coldness of the metals and the sharpness of the shapes make it a timeless and placeless element to be used but also, and maybe mostly, to be looked at.

LAPPESO is an autoproduction and it 's handmade in Milan.

DIm: 1 mt module + 6 hooks 35 cm 

Satin steel 

Polished BrassCopper

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    € 3.700,00Prezzo
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