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Pragma x Eutopiarch n4

In ancient italic mythology, GIANO - italian for Janus - is the god of beginnings, transitions, doorways.

Depicted as a two-faced being, the deity presided over all kind of passages - both physical and abstract - and over the beginning and ending of conflicts, hence war and peace.

Its "temple" in Rome was an open enclosure with gates on each sides that were kept open during war and shut in peaceful times.


GIANO, Pragma x Eutopiarch n4, is a light installation, composed by different elements working together as a

re-interpretation of the italic deity.


Two interconnected STELE lamps (pragma x Eutopiarch n1) light in opposite directions - representing the god's two faces, directed toward past and future. They can be placed at different heights moving along two steel threaded rods, but never independently: time is a constantly moving present, it flows and changes suspended between past and future.

At the base of the structure is a sculpture, where the dichotomy of the elements - war and peace, good and bad, past and future - is shaped as two entities forever struggling in the stillness of stone.


Satin and Polished Brass

Satin and Supermirror Steel

Steel threaded rods

Granite sculpture - unknown artist 

Many thanks to:

Metallic elements - Bagatti Bronzisti

Photo/video: Antonio Gaviraghi

Set assistant - Andrea Missiti

Location - Gum Salon

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